I am passionate about empowering and supporting others in their unique quest for a Joyful life.



Hi, I'm Joanne Moore and I'm an Intuitive Guide and Mentor

My intuition rocks and my insights are uncanny.

I see you for all of you – the infinite possibilities of who you really are – not only the persona you present.

15 years ago I was a woman who had a smile, a kind word and worked hard.  Anyone would have thought I had an ideal and happy life.  However behind the smile were insecurities, sadness and fear.  It wasn't until I started to connect the dots from an outcome to what my 'gut' or intuition was telling me, that my life started to turn around.  Suddenly it was easier to know which path to take, and where to turn.  I didn't have all the answers but when I paid attention it was clear where to find them.  

Today my tool box includes skills such as Reiki Master, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, energy work, certified Medical Intuitive, Law of Attraction Coach, certified Intuitive Guide, Landmark Education curriculum for living, years of workshops, reading, classes and life experience. 


I'm Passionate

When we work together you're getting all of me; my coaching tools, intuitive skills, my heart and my passion. I believe you can have anything you want.

I am passionate about helping people consciously choose and create their happiest life.

I am here to move intuition into everyday conversations!


I'm a mom

Need I say more, multi talented, focused, nurturing and willing to get in the dirt.

My son is quiet, centered, a natural empath and highly intuitive.  His interest in energy/light work has been an inspiration for my work with families and teens. My daughter is a natural leader, intuitive to the core and a joyful expression of the feminine.  

They are my touchstones in staying grounded, reaching beyond my beliefs and a reminder to live life by my own intuition.

Together we live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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I love my clients!

I dream of every family being an intuitive center for well-being, communication and joy. Allowing freedom for each member to consciously choose their unique expression and contribution to the world.

When I created a life I love this work was my first choice.

I am thrilled to collaborate with brave men and women and families who are willing to step out of the ordinary and into the possibility of extraordinary.

Together we will grow, laugh, probably cry and move towards the light.