5 Myths about Intuition

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Bringing Intuition out of the dark, shining a light on our connection to Light. 


When I became a professional intuitive names like witch, psychic and fortune teller came to mind. I thought if people knew what I did that they would imagine me dressed like a gypsy with a crystal ball at a carnival, or sitting crossed legged with incense burning and chanting. I was having these thoughts and concerns even while I knew better, what must others think who didn’t have first hand experience…. terrifying. Then I started to tell people and some voiced their concerns, and misconceptions and a few asked questions but assumed what they thought was true.

I am here today to set the record straight on some of the most common and frequently said myths about intuition.  This is from my personal experience, for that is all I can speak to with any authority. 


#1 Intuition is a special gift and not everyone can do it

Well, it is my belief that we are all intuitive, every single one of us. We are born with the ability just like sight, feel and taste. At some point in our childhood we were told that we didn’t know what we were talking about, or that our insights didn’t fit in with what was expected, and so to conform to others expectations and get our own needs met we gave up listening to our inner guidance. 

Just like Michael Jordon has a special knack for basketball and Beethoven is amazing at music some of us have a knack for intuition or feeling energy that most don’t, but intuition at any level is a skill that can be learned. 

#2 It’s hard to do

Listening to our intuition is a skill. It’s similar to learning a new language, as intuition doesn’t speak to us the way people do, we need to learn to interpret through our other 5 senses. And like all other skills it takes practice, and the more you practice the better you get. To be fluent takes time and trial and error. Basic tuning in is not difficult, it is a natural ability we are all born with. I found at the beginning it was about becoming aware, an unlearning of what I thought. 

#3 Women are better than men

Well, that’s just plain silly. We use different language for it in our everyday lives. Men tend to have a gut feeling, and we have women’s intuition. It is all the same thing. 

#4 It’s scary, I don’t want to know the future

Ok, I understand that learning anything new can be scary, going on a plane for the first time, riding a bike at 50, or getting married. The truth is intuition will not tell you the future for sure. It can give you an idea of where you are headed on your current path, you can get a feeling about a direction you are thinking about or circumstances to avoid. There are simply too many moving parts all interconnected and we all have free will for there to be any accuracy into the future. At any moment you can choose another path, decide to go against your gut feeling or pursue a different course of action, and that sets you on an alternate route. 

#5 When I develop my intuition I won’t have any more problems

Somedays I wish this were true, however there will always be challenges and change. Intuition is not here to guide us around all the obstacles in life, it is here to help us handle and learn from them more efficiently and with an eye on growth. Our intuition is our own higher self, and there are lessons to be learned in every life. When we listen to our intuition we often avoid the day to day bumps from stalled traffic to avoiding danger on the street, or knowing when family or loved ones need us. It also keeps us connected to people we may have not otherwise met, opportunities that were not on our radar, and a deeper sense of faith and self confidence. Our intuition helps us make conscious choices and handle the challenges and changes with less stress. 

There are 5 of many myths about intuition. I hope this has cleared things up a little or a lot. 

Have a blessed day full of insights!


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