Intuition guides the ripples in life

Have you ever felt like your kind smile was wasted on the lady behind you in the bank line? 

The compliment paid on the bus didn’t seem to have any effect? 

And the enthusiastic ‘thank you’ to the door man fell on deaf ears? 

We have all been there. 

But what if … it did make a difference and you just didn’t see the end result. 

Let’s take the door man. Fred is opening that door all day, and most people ignore him so he has learned a resting impassive face. For maybe a hundred times he opens that door only 20 people say anything. Today you are number 21, it takes longer to register on him than it takes you to go through the door, but it hit him and he feels just a little lighter because of that. Now his resting face is slightly less indifferent, and because of that he gets even more ‘thank you’s’ and his face gets brighter, and the cycle continues. On his break Fred now has the courage to flirt with Jenna and well, that makes her day a whole lot brighter and she is beaming on the bus ride home, and the lady next to her, who had an awful day, feels a little more optimistic. 

Yup, suddenly there are waves forming from our little ripples. 

This extension of love is accumulative, the more often it occurs the more often it occurs. 
Does my smile, my kind words and my extension of love make a difference? The answer is a resounding YES!

The next question that came up for me is when? Honestly I am a happy person but to smile all day or be extra kind to every single person I meet, that would be the goal, and I am just not there yet. I forget, I get distracted and I sit in my own triggers. So, when do I smile, extend a little extra love? 

I let the Universe guide me.

I listen to my intuition. 

What if …

I started my day with a short, 

Dear Divine, 

Please use me today for the good of everyone. Myself, others, and in all 


Guide me to extend love and kindness where it is most needed in the lives of 

the people I meet, or pass today. 

Let me recognize where it is needed most, and have the faith that 

my small part is rippling out into the world to make a 

much bigger difference than I can see. 

I am open to receive guidance and 

to allow the return of this love to myself 

Please use me as the stone in the pond that starts the 

ripples of love and kindness. 

And so it is, Amen

Now I don’t have to worry, I go about my day, and when I feel the tug of intuition or guidance I smile, pay a genuine compliment, give a hug, lend a hand, and extend love in whatever form seems perfect. 

I have faith that my small part is being played out in the complex web of the universe, and that many more than I know will benefit from this loving act. 

Joanne Moore