Avoiding workshop woes!

Get the best bang for your buck and action from your inspiration!

Have you taken workshops, trainings, webinars and seminars that have great information and yet a month later you find yourself back exactly where you started from? The event had wonderful information, you had insights, aha’s and even some tears, and today you are thinking it feels just the same … again. 

Where did the inspiration go? What happened to the wonderful ideas? Did you really expect something different? 

So, what happened and how do you avoid a repeat performance and a waste of time and money? 

Here are some quick wins to move from information to transformation!

Before the event:

~ Be clear on what your intention is for the workshop both before and remind yourself during. Think of intention like setting the GPS in your car, planning on your arrival destination. This is setting up for a win with the Universe and yourself by letting everyone know what you are going to get out of the time. If we let our brain know what we are expecting it will keep a look out for the desired results, it’s like buying a red dress and suddenly everywhere you look there are fabulous red dresses. They were there all along, but now that it’s on your radar you actually notice them. (There are 11 million bits of information coming into your brain every second, but your consciousness can only process 40, you want your intention to be in the top 10)

~ Take responsibility for your own transformation. Don’t wait for someone to come and hit you on the head with an amazing wow moment. Be responsible for what you get from the event. The ‘do it to me’ attitude is for victims, not those on a transformational journey and out to contribute to the world. Be your own hero, and take responsibility for your joy, participation and wow moments. Think outside the common use of the word responsibility, blame and instead on the possibility of creation. Only you are responsible for your own happiness, the same goes for transformation.

During the event:

~ Listen from your intention and not for agreement. What got you here won’t get you there, If you are listening for what you agree with then you are missing the opportunity for insight and a change of perspective. When you are listening in entertainment mode then you are being passive, switch over to intentional listening and the world will open up to you. How? Take a deep breath, think of the intention you set before the event and listen for the golden nuggets to support that.

~ Be willing to be uncomfortable. Sometimes we get so used to what is wrong that when we experience the truth it can be uncomfortable. Take a moment or two and feel into an aha, ask for the guidance and go with your intuition. Remember, what got you here won’t get you where you want to go, so being a little uncomfortable is part of the journey. There is a distinction between being uncomfortable and something feeling wrong. 

~ Create inspired action steps, don’t go home until you have a plan in place and a goal set. Take into consideration your lifestyle, and other obligations. I can’t count the times I have left a training with a long ‘to-do’ list only to be overwhelmed in the first two days and abandoning the whole thing. There is a balance between stepping up and out and what fits into your daily responsibilities. The focus here is inspired action, not action just to take action. Listen to your intuition, the Universe won’t lead you astray. 

After the event: 

~ Change up your environment. If you want to maintain a change then alter the area of life in transformation. Our environment can trigger habitual responses and reactions, keeping us locked into past behavior. Took a business class, change around your desk and clean and purge your office supplies, maybe make a new calendar. Participated in a relationship seminar, change up your bedroom, switch up your schedule or activities together. Amazing weekend at a spiritual retreat, make a new altar, change essential oil in the diffuser. Simple changes can get us out of routine and into a new set of habits quickly.

~ Set up accountability! This could be the most important, tip of all. When left to ourselves we can think of many, many excuses or reasons not to keep up with the inspired action plan. Life gets busy and kids, houses and work are shiny objects yelling for our attention. The old groove is easiest in times of chaos, and forging a new path takes thought. Before leaving the room make sure you have at least 3 weeks worth of accountability check ins set up. Make this non-negotiable and keep your original intention written down and near the action plan and in your calendar by the accountability calls. Set yourself up to win, and acknowledge that you are contributing to someone else winning at the same time. Groups are even better, we tend to let one person off the hook, but there is safety in numbers and we encourage each other to stay on track easier when there is a group counting on you. 

~ Set it in your calendar to sit down and review in 1,2 and 3 weeks. Take a look at your notes, your original intention and your aha’s. Are there more golden nuggets coming to surface now that were not immediately apparent? What in your inspired action plan has worked out the best? Readjust for the challenges. Celebrate your wins!

These are not the only ways to create a winning workshop attendance, and these have made a huge difference for me. What works for you? What aha or insight sparked from reading this?

Be sure to share, creating a community is a big win in any situation. Let us know your thoughts and questions.

Many blessings,