Back to School Chaos? 5 Intuitive tips for replacing stress with a smile!

1.Breathe! When we get stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or

frustrated we tend to hold our breath. We forget to breathe

deeply. The best way to connect to Source, our intuition and

others around us is through breath. Set your alarm if

needed, after all this takes practice, and stop wherever you

are, and take 3 deep breaths. Feel yourself return to your

body and get grounded. Continue on. Modeling this for our

kids gives them a tool they can use at school, with friends or


2. Shake it out! Dance party anyone? Energy is made to

move, to be in motion. When we are overwhelmed or

stressed we tense up, and stop energy from it's flow.

Movement, especially loose fun movement gets energy

flowing again and releases all that is not useful to us.

Stomping or dancing outside the house before going in

leaves behind the energy we have picked up during the day,

leaving behind what is not ours to Mother Earth for recycling.

3. Gratitude! Yes, we hear it all the time. Be grateful for what

we have. There is a reason it is said so often. Depression,

anxiety and upset cannot exist in the same moment as true

gratitude. Moments of gratitude interrupt the pattern of

upset or stress. Noticing what we are truly grateful for gives

us even a moment of respite from the feelings of

overwhelm, stress or anxiety and those moments add up.

Start your kids young with a grateful journal, and keep one

yourself. At breakfast start your day right by predicting the

gratefuls that will happen that day, let your kids set

themselves up for wins before the day has begun. Then at

night check in with what did occur to be grateful for.

4. Let go of the reins! When we try to control everything we

control nothing. Who says we know what is best for everyone

else? And why do we strive for perfection along the way, for

ourselves and our family. Where are you holding tight to the

reins, trying to make it all perfect and get it all done, while

deciding for everyone else what to do? We are made to know

what is best for us, to know what makes us happy and what

doesn't. But we are not made to know the same for others,

yes even our kids. Let go of the tight grip, try the dance party

above if needed, and let the kids pick out their clothes for

school. When we loosen our grip we allow others to

contribute to us and themselves, letting our kids test their

wings while in the safety of the nest.

5. Self expression! Tying in with number 4, allow the family to

express themselves in their unique way. One idea is to set up

a family Bright Idea Board, a place to write notes, say how

they want to feel today, intuitive hits or ideas for themselves

and the family. Need a dance party, or spice up dinner ideas.

Write the blessings that occured or love notes. What other

ideas can you think of to let each person express thier

unique contribution?

Joanne Moore