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Who do you know that is looking for genuine, heartfelt spiritual guidance?

All the depth was there but there was no wallowing in the same old story, no pitying myself. Usually I would either blame the others or blame myself for something being “wrong” as a justification for staying stuck - instead I found myself swept into your light-hearted curiosity and attitude of possibility and had a good load of fun exploring my status quo.
— Uma ~ Berlin

Are you looking for:

  • definition of your goals and


  • release from old patterns and


  • a visual reminder and inspired

    action steps


The best expression of Self-Care Sunday … Ever!

Have you found yourself back in a rut and not living into your dreams and goals for 2019? Did they get pushed to the bottom of the long to do list? This is a day to bring those amazing dreams and goals back to life. 
This 3 part workshop will begin with unearthing the blocks around your goals and releasing them, allowing us to move forward. Part 2 is a laser Reading with Joanne to get clarity on what is holding you back and/or becoming laser clear on what your soul wants most for you. Part 3 is the juicy act of bringing your dreams to life in a unique vision board. You will create inspired action steps that will move you forward in the days, weeks and months to come. 
Get ready to laugh, possibly cry and have a blast with life and like-minded women. 

Set your calendar for Sunday April 28th

The transformation begins when you commit to taking care of you!

Investment: $159 per person

Friends package: Sign up with a friend, and receive a special gift from both of us to both of you.

It almost felt like a beam of light shining through a crack in the clouds. Priceless hallelujah-moment. Very empowering!

If you have any questions be sure to shoot me an email, message or call at 604-740-2633