Intuition 101

Creating Everyday Magic

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In the past week have you felt:

~ Like you and your kids are living on two different planets

~ Disconnected from people and circumstances

~ Why didn’t toddlers, teens and ‘off to college’ come with an instruction manual

~ Overwhelmed

~ Like you followed the rules of life and are still waiting for your “happily ever after” to arrive

Intuition to the rescue!

~ Open and loving communication with kids and family starting immediately.

~ Connection that brings you closer to kids, and feels truly self expressive.

~ Get answers to everyday questions easily so you can write your own manual.

~ Tools that work for you in the moment to gain equilibrium and a sense of purpose.

~ Create a life that makes you happy now rather than waiting for someday.

One day workshop for only $59


Intuition for everyday living

Intuition 101 is an interactive one day workshop where you will learn to re-connect to your intuition allowing you to experience the clarity to choose what is best for your family, confidence in moving forward, and a deeper connection to yourself and the Divine. This is the foundation of intuitive work, creating an intuitive friendly home that can transform your family life.

Developing your intuition gives YOU the power to tap into your own guidance at any time. Our intuition is a far more powerful ally than our thinking mind, it is open to endless possibility and guidance from Source, and it is far more effective at finding solutions to life's many questions and challenges.  
We cannot raise our kids with the tools and beliefs that raised us because that world no longer exists. Not only is the world changing with technology but spiritually and energetically as well.

Intuition is something we are all born with, everyone of us! Somewhere along living life, we as adults, have forgotten to trust, listen to or understand the language of our intuition. If you are reading this now, the Universe in it’s eternal wisdom is letting you know that you can have access again and can create a home where your intuitive children can thrive, be safe and feel empowered.

This course is the foundation to Practical Magic and was created for adults who contribute to the well-being of children. If you are an adult who wants to create a better world for yourself and everyone in your life, especially the children then this is the place to start. If you know there is more and want a way to access it, welcome!

The only requirement is that you have an open mind, and are willing to try on new ideas and have fun!

You can make a difference for the children in your life!

Joanne is a caring, authentic teacher, mentor and intuitive, angel worker. She takes her time and ensures her clients are acknowledged and cared for. Definitely get your money’s worth!
— Karen Blunderfield, Gibsons BC
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Amazing things will happen in just one day!

In one day you will learn the tools and how to use them to help you overcome overwhelm and create an environment that is peaceful and easy. Have a sense of equilibrium when in stress, conflict or upset with your children and family and open the path to clear and loving communication. Recognize when problematic behaviour is coming from energy overload, unclear boundaries and interrupted intuition.Get the tools to clear energy, get grounded and give language to intuition. Start improving your home life this week!

One day Intuition 101, Everyday Magic workshop

Online Experience $59

Sunday September 15th, 9:30am pacific - 3pm

Saturday September 21st, 11am pacific - 4:30pm