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We cannot raise our kids with the tools and beliefs that raised us, because that world no long exists.

Parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and any adult with children in their lives.

Practical Magic is a year-long group coaching and educational program designed to help you raise and support intuitive children.

One thing is guaranteed;
if you do nothing
then nothing
will change.

 The increase in child anxiety, depression, obesity and substance abuse is a clear sign that the current system isn’t working. As parents and adults who contribute to the well-being of children we are eager to provide the support and assistance needed, and most of us simply don’t have the tools and knowledge necessary. It’s like using last years software on your computer without the updates, it soon glitches and crashes. As the adult it is up to us to learn new systems and model the updates.  

Why highly intuitive children need a new kind of support

Our world is made up of the physical environment we see as well as the unseen energy that everything is made of and connected by. Intuitive children, and adults, feel the energetic world strongly. This includes emotions, unsaid words, the past, fears and joy for themselves and others. Because our society concentrates mainly on the seen physical world, navigating the realm of energy is often confusing and hard to describe. There remain stigma and fear of being thought of as strange if we ask about or talk about the intuitive side of ourselves. It is my experience, and that of many in my field, that more and more children are keeping the strong connection to the world’s energy system and not shutting down their intuition like so many of us before.

Now is the time to change past perceptions and create an environment where languaging our intuition is as common as discussing dinner plans and family vacations. Where adults and children both are invited to create a life of joy and abundance for themselves in a way that expresses their unique contribution to the world.

Practical Magic is a forum where adults reconnect to their intuition, opening space for kids to talk about theirs. Intuition is a tool, the strongest and most personal we have.

When adults learn to trust their intuition it creates clarity, vision and guidance.

When kids are given freedom to use their intuition it allows them self-confidence, safety, clarity and possibility.

When a family or group use their collective intuition it opens communication, a feeling of belonging, trust and expanded opportunity.

We are all intuitive, now it’s time to learn how to use it!

I learned how to take inspired action with the information and realized I knew more than I thought. This gave me more confidence and improved self-esteem.
— Belinda Hobson, Medical Intuitive, Gibsons BC

Signs you have an intuitive child:

~ Avoids crowds and loud noises


~ Mood changes without cause

~ Exhausted or moody after school or time with friends

~ Unexplained headaches and/or stomach aches

~ Gets anxious or upset when visiting certain places or people

~ Sensitive, cries easily or gets angry

~ Gives answers well beyond their years

~ Speaks of past experiences/lives, or has a friend only they can see

Congratulations, you are the proud parent of an intuitive child!

This is awesome news once you learn how to embrace their intuition rather than work against it.


About me and why I created Practical Magic

I have two highly intuitive children and raising them has been a pleasure and a challenge.

I have two highly intuitive children and raising them has been a pleasure, a challenge and a learning experience. I see them leave home for environments that are not intuitive or energetically friendly. So many kids in their school and community are having a difficult time with a world that does not seem to fit them. These are intuitive, sensitive children living in a world that often blocks them, depletes their energy and taxes their belief in themselves. They are left feeling disconnected from family, school and an environment not set up for these new changes.

Role models are urgently needed, adults who will step up for kids and themselves, who are willing to do the work for their own lives and create a new pathway for our children to follow.

I feel a deep responsibility to support children and families in developing a new environment for the world.

I know from raising my own children and working with dozens of parents and families that it is possible to create a spiritually friendly home that supports and nourishes the whole family in areas of intuition, abundance, well-being and connectedness.

As I work at becoming a better parent and share this experience with others I know that it ripples out, like a pebble in a pond each of us making a much larger impact than we are aware of, and in turn our children impact their own lives and others in their environment.

I have 30+ years experience in childcare, 15 years in international customer service, including training managers and staff, 13 years as a professional intuitive, 20 years consciously on a spiritual path and I LOVE what I do!

I have been teaching intuition for the past 7 years and found my passion is working with families and creating a world where kids can grow up to be the human they most want to be.

This is my gift to myself, my children, their children and the world.

Love, Joanne

Joanne has helped me make a big life decision by teaching me how to tap into my own intuition and rewriting my story for the life I want for myself. Her genuine gft is truly remarkable and her warmth and strength hel.png

Who is this for?

Practical Magic was created for adults who contribute to the well-being of children.

You may be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, teacher, principal or coach. Maybe you are hoping to be a parent or have children in your life in another way. The only requirement is that you have an open mind, are willing to try on new ideas and have fun!

What you get:

~ bi-weekly live group coaching calls

~ bi-weekly modules with step by step tools, tips, information and action steps

~ resource library with all prior modules and videos

~ private community group on Facebook

~ Everyday Magic/Intuition 101 workshop for review at anytime

Start where you are flexibility with LIVE support and interactions in the Facebook group and program. The resource library has ALL previous modules, videos and pdf’s available 24/7 so you can access according to your schedule and dive into what is most relevant or important to you.

Get the LIVE coaching calls and community in real time.

Kids need to stretch tose intuitive muscles while still saely in the nest with us..png

What makes Practical Magic different?

There are plenty of classes that teach parenting. There is a plethora of choices in spiritual healing and transformation. Practical Magic is a rare combination that addresses the practical desires of our humanness and our yearning for spiritual connection on a level for both adult and child.

Practical tools

Proven techniques

Mixed in with a little magic


This is an ongoing program, you begin when you register and have access to everything posted to date. The coaching is live and ongoing, you can ask questions about any of the modules posted to that date. The great part is that we are all going to begin from a different point in life and as a community we are here to support each other in the journey.

*How do I access the content? You will be sent a welcome letter with the login details and a link to join the private Facebook group. when you register.

*What if I am not a parent yet? Welcome aboard! The program is designed for people with children in their lives, however it is based on the transformation of the adult so everyone is welcome. If you have read to this point there a reason, so join in the fun!

*What is your refund policy? There is a 15 day full refund policy. If you sign up and find the information inside the program is not what you want then just send me an email at and I will return your investment.


1 Year Practical Magic Program

*All payments listed here are in US dollars, for all residents outside Canada

  • Canadian residents please let me know in the email that you are a Canadian resident, currently living in Canada

Payment option #1: $490 (billed once for the year) Best value, get two months free!

Payment option #2: $270 (billed twice, monthly) Great value, get one month free!

Payment option #3: $49 (billed monthly for 12 months) Easiest payment.

*At this time all payments will be processed by emailing me directly. I will set up a one time, two time or monthly payments directly with you. Please include your full name and country of residence, and the payment option of your choice. I will forward an invoice. Thank you.

plus a bonus for the first time doors open!

For the first 20 people to choose the annual payment in full option they will receive a private 20 minute reading/coaching session to help with their specific needs and family.

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