Freedom, Ease, Joy

I am passionate about connecting you to your own innate wisdom and intuition.

I have created several containers, from single sessions to months of support and coaching. You can choose individual services or a group setting. In all cases I combine my kick-ass intuitive skills with a variety of proven methods to create a personalized approach for each client.

My coaching style begins with my years as a professional intuitive, unfair advantage over other coaches ~ you bet! and you get the benefit! I base our conversations on "Insight Coaching". Learning something new is like adding to your personal data banks, adding to but not transforming. Insights are the Aha! moments, like when you 'get' balance when learning to ride a bike. This new insight or paradigm is now yours for life ~ a new set of filters to see your world through. With inspired action leading the way you will, at an almost cellular level know what is true and what is not true for yourself.

I invite you to have your view of the world challenged, to see things you haven't before, and be open to new possibilities.

I'm ready if you're ready.

From her Wings on Wednesday readings, to the Conscious Closure, to private sessions, Joanne has helped me through a big life decision by teaching me how to tap into my own intuition and rewriting my story for the life I want for myself. Her genuine gift is truly remarkable and her warmth and strength help guide you through your journey
— Glenda Ann, Montreal & St. Johns, Canada

Angel Sessions

Intuitive Sessions

This experience is unique and a client favourite. Our time is spent in an uplifting and positive energy, answering your questions and giving insights. I use my years as a professional intuitive and guide to give you practical information that is immediately relevant. Going from chaos to clarity.  Come ready to participate, this is not a spectator event.

Available in person, Skype, Zoom or phone.


  • One hour: $300

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On-going mentorship is available after the initial one hour session. Packages include 30 minute follow up sessions and additional longer sessions. Packages are personalized for each client and their life in the moment.

Intuitive Mentor Sessions

The Intuitive Mentor Sessions are not for the faint of heart, they are for those looking to reconnect with an aspect of themselves that has been forgotten, lost or squashed. This aspect is now calling for your attention and has the gift of clarity and deeper connection to yourself. 

Working together

Working with me is like looking in a mirror and seeing more of you than you knew was there.  I see you clearly, all of you.  And that can be scary, and exhilarating.   I see the infinite possibility of who you are and your connection to source.  And I see the persona you present to the world, how you have trained people to react to you and with you.  Seeing the layers you have avoided or hidden can be uncomfortable, we will uncover parts that you may have forgotten or squashed long ago.  These traits are often our biggest gifts and sitting with the uncomfortable could unlock the transformation you are looking for. 

I have been told that I build a nest, a safe place for you to explore, grow and learn. Then when you are ready I lead you to leap from the nest, being there to pick you up when you falter until you learn to fly.

In our conversations we will touch on many layers of you, the human you and the spiritual you.  Both are key to unlocking the mystery and magic of your life. 

What I thought was a problem wasn’t, and I got a clearer vision of what was truly holding me back.
— Belinda Hobson, Gibsons BC

The 3-session package (within one month) includes:

  • initial 90 minute session

  • two 45 minute sessions

  • accountability emails

  • unlimited email access during the month

Investment $850

The intensive 3-month package includes:

  • an initial 90 minute session

  • eight 45 minute sessions

  • a clarity/accountability email each week

  • unlimited email access during the three months

Investment $1995

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Contact me with any questions about choosing a package that is right for you or for payment plan options.


1–Day Intensive

Why wait three months to have incredible insights? If you feel on the edge of a breakthrough then let's get to work!  

This 1–day experience is all about you! It's a conversation about your life, all of it, what makes it tick, and what is missing. 

Most days we spend our time putting out fires, dealing with the chaos that falls in front of us, and helping others get closer to their dreams. Now is your turn! Imagine what is possible by spending a whole day focusing on creating a life you love.

You can transform your

  • Career / Contribution

  • Relationships

  • Abundance

  • Well-being / health

This 1-day intensive will include an energy session  to help integrate the insights and open blocked energy channels. Our time together can be virtual online or in person.  Includes a follow up session and three weeks of email support after our days together.

Investment $1600


Share this experience with a friend or business partner!

(May be shared with up to three people).

Investment $900 each, for group of two

Investment $700 each, for group of three

If this service is a "Hell yes!" for you, let's set up a call to make sure we're a good fit, and make arrangements for dates and payment.  

I very much enjoyed the Awakening with the Angels workshop. I would have to rate it as one of or perhaps the most relevant workshop I have attended. It seems to me that it was the next step along my path. I found your ability to both provide teaching and information flowed so naturally into the conversation and first person experiences.
— Carol, Sunshine Coast BC