Does this sound like you?

You are Compassionate

You are Creative

You are a Dreamer

You are Discerning

You are aware of Miracles

You are Mindful

Yet, you know there is more 



You are in the right place

and you are more powerful than you think

Through my work and personal experience I have discovered 5 qualities of lightwokers and intuitive contributors. These qualities are what make you a compassionate leader and healer on the planet, yet they are also the qualities that can make life most challenging. 

1. Creative solutions and insights

You are often sought out for your unique advise and uncanny insights. You can easily see a bigger picture than most or more options and solutions. When asked to give further details you are unable to explain the how or the why behind the advice, often left feeling certain of the outcome but helpless in the details for yourself and others. 

2. Standing outside the crowd looking in

Seeing life from outside the crowd gives you the special advantage of a different perspective than most. You can see how people and circumstances interact and play their part in the whole. Standing outside also leaves you feeling separate and apart and often lonely. 

3. Pollyana positive

You see the possibilities. You have an eternal sense of optimism. It can be frustrating and difficult to experience others who are being inconsiderate, rude or mean. People often tell you to come back to reality, and question why you are always happy and looking on the bright side.

4. Desire to help others and contribute

Your natural instinct is to put others - including your family first and feel compelled to contribute in any way you can. This desire to help others can lead to burn out, overwhelm and a sense of disconnect to those you are trying to assist. Self care and personal boundaries are at the bottom of your priorities. The paradox is that you often feel like you are not doing enough. 

5. See others behaviour as a mask

You can 'feel' others emotions. This goes far beyond empathy. You can feel the underlying emotions, such as fear disguised as anger or disregard, hurt as deep sadness and concern as overprotectiveness and selfishness. You often 'take on' others emotions and pain as your own. Knowing the underlying context without the resources to help leaves you feeling drained and helpless. 

How do I know this so well? This was me, for years. It takes tools, practice and a support system to use your intuition for the benefit of yourself and others. See if we are a match to work together by reading more about me, and find out way more about me on facebook, where I do live events and post insights and my ahas.

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